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Music Mission Statement

Music, a core subject integral to every student's education, fosters self-directed learning, knowledge acquisition, critical thinking, and compassion through the artistic processes of Creating, Performing, Responding, and Connecting. Courses and ensembles in this sequential, comprehensive in-school music program align with National Core Arts Standards. Students in our courses and ensembles collaborate, persevere, excel academically, and contribute to their communities. Our mission is to cultivate 21st-century learners with a lifelong, meaningful connection to the arts.

Students will create, perform, and respond to music in a way that prepares them to understand and experience music through a variety of styles and musical genres. Students will become self-reflective musicians, thinkers, and learners and will have the ability to transfer these skills to other areas of their lives. Music classes at Mitchell Elementary School enable students to participate weekly starting in Kindergarten. Starting in Grade 3, our students have the opportunity to join the school chorus and perform in various concerts and festivals festivals as well as community and school events throughout the year.

The music department allows students to join the string orchestra in Grade 3 and to join the school band in Grade 4. Student musicians will engage the school and community through curricular music ensembles. The Jazz Ensemble meets after school and focuses on the American music developed especially from ragtime and blues. The Jazz Ensemble allows students to explore the characterization of the style through the syncopated rhythms, ensemble playing, and through soloing and improvisation.

MES Music Concerts



Adam Snyder
Music Teacher

General Music Grades K-5
Elementary Chorus Grades 3-5

Joel Pietrorazio
Music Teacher

Beginning String Orchestra, Grades 3-5
Advanced String Orchestra, Grades 4-5

Beginning Band, Grades 4-5
Advanced Band, Grade 5