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Drama Club

The Mitchell Elementary School Drama club focuses on developing students’ singing/acting/movement skills in a variety of musical theater performing styles and is designed to enhance artistic and creative talents. Students will learn to use their own personal voice type to sing different kinds of songs, while analyzing lyrics and character in order to better communicate a story through vocal and physical expression. Students will learn solo and ensemble dance scenes as a part of the overall design of the show. Through the expression of dance and movement students will learn how to convey the ideas and themes of the story through movement. The students will learn the basics of musical theater history and storytelling through the drama club productions.

The Mitchell Elementary School Drama Club students will also have the opportunity to explore and learn about other aspects of the theater. Students will assist in set design, construction, and staging. Students will learn about costuming, assist backstage with props and scene changes in the theater. The Drama Club is open to any MES student regardless of the level of their ability or experience.