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The academic program at Mitchell Elementary School focuses on creating a strong foundation in reading, writing, and math along with specialized grade level units in social studies and science.

Students are provided “specials” instruction on a weekly basis in Art, Music, Library Media and Technology as well as Physical Education twice a week.

Students at Mitchell Elementary School are required to read at least 15 minutes per night beginning in 1st grade to 30 minutes or more once they reach the 5th grade.

Students are expected to choose books from all genres of reading and will in turn, explore multiple genres in writing from poetry, to non-fiction, fiction, persuasive essays, and more.

Classrooms are geared to varied approaches in learning that prompt our students to discover content in whole class groups, smaller clusters, and independently.

From Kindergarten to 5 th grade, our students are developing skills such as communication, collaboration and confidence to help them become active members and perpetual learners of the 21st century.